108 Images – A Year in Pictures

108 Images – A Year in Pictures

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here are 108,000 words.

Ko Bulone

Ko Bulone

It’s been cool up in Chiang Mai, so for the winter holidays I headed south to an island to spend some time on the beach. I wanted to go somewhere smaller and less resort oriented. I decided on Ko Bulone Leh.

Ivan and Mardi on the bumpy boat ride to Ko Bulone Leh

Unsurprisingly I met some very interesting people there – Mardi and Ivan – they live in Nepal. He is a teacher and she is ‘a woman of leisure’ in her own words. They live a very simple lifestyle and travel in Asia a lot.

the sun is breaking through the overcast day

I went to the beach and was out in the sun for a while, and then it got a bit overcast. The water was clear and beautifully turquoise. I met up with Mardi and Ivan and we walked around and ended up having chocolate cake for lunch. Not really the plan, but it was delicious. Ivan and I played frisbee. The salt water really helped clear my sinuses. Oh no, Hotel California is playing. Thankfully, I think this could be the first time I’m hearing this. It’s kind of unbelievable.

big storm rolling in

I’ve been invited to dinner by Marti and Ivan. They are vegetarians and have traveled with all their own cooking supplies. I will supply some beer. I’m hungry so I’m off.

Cooking dinner with Mardi and Ivan at School Bungalow

These mushrooms are called erringi (pronounced almost like orangey) and they are delicious.

I stayed at 3 different places while I was there on 3 different beaches on the tiny island. None of them were great and some were really overpriced for what they were, but it was still nice to be at the beach. I’ve just moved to the third bungalow and I feel so much better about where and what my room is. I’m sitting at an Italian restaurant. I have ordered a cappuccino and I’m right on the water. There is a beautiful orange and turquoise longtail boat bobbing up and down in the water near me. An Italian man just said ciao to me. Two little kids are at a table behind me. It’s slightly windy. I’m going to go get some sun, swim and reserve a snorkel for tomorrow. There are a few restaurants and a bar here. I think I’m  in the right place on this island for me.

longtail boats on an overcast day

The short, but steep climb from my bungalow to over the hill to the better beach.

I was invited to share a delicious fish lunch with the Coconut Bar guys. Aroy!

Setting off a komloy on New Year's Eve

Rainy rainy New Years Day, learning Thai, journaling, and drinking tea with the beach view from my bungalow balcony.

A monitor lizard on the beach trying to camouflage himself away from me.

My little breakfast and coffee spot on Ko Bulon Leh

longtail boat and palm tree

Some pictures will not upload, so they are here in this gallery. It can be viewed as a slideshow to flip through.

goodbye Ko Bulon