Ode to Judes

Ode to Judes


Dear Mom,

Today marks 11 years since you left this realm. So many little things remind me of you. I miss you mom. I am forever grateful for what you taught me by just being yourself. I try to emulate your teachings:

  • being kind to everyone
  • loving all animals, especially dogs
  • making the ordinary special
  • not passing judgement
  • keeping a clean and tidy house
  • welcoming my friends
  • delighting in taking care of flowers and the garden
  • doubling over in laughter at our stories
  • letting me be me
  • always making time to care for your children
  • knowing how my relationships would turn out before I would
  • smiling sincerely
  • having a positive disposition
  • understanding that I was safe, happy, and at home in Thailand
  • trying to make the world a little bit nicer place
  • letting us know how much you loved us
  • our long telephone conversations form all over the world
  • understanding that ‘I march to the beat of a different drummer’ even though you didn’t always like it, you supported my decisions
  • encouraging me to be a teacher
  • seeing the beauty in things even when you were sick
  • patience
  • gratitude
  • love

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the love you gave to me. The best way to show you how much I love you is to be the person you knew I could be and live by your examples.

Love, Bethy


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