Back in 2000 -2001 I traveled to SE Asia for a year. In my life I have wandered far and wide, but always longed to return to Thailand. After a lengthy hiatus, it was finally time to follow my heart back to the place I loved. After quitting my job, and renting out my house in Portland, Oregon in September 2011, I boarded the one-way plane to Thailand. Arriving without a job, or a place to live, and knowing only one person in the whole country, I took a leap hoping that the net would appear. This is what happened…and is still happening.

Now, after being here nearly a year I can say this blog has stories, photos, and a few videos about my continual love of Thailand: the people, beauty, food, Buddhism, kindness, traveling, nature, education, humor, Thai language and culture, yoga, animals, nature, environment, and generally Thailand the way I see it. I hope you enjoy it!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi !
    I want to take a long-term retreat in north-Thailand, for acro-yoga, yoga, thai kitchen, thai language and thai massage courses.

    Do you have suggestion about the place to stay, for a 3 months journey ?

    thank for your advices 🙂

    Jibi, Montréal, Canada

    • Hi Jibi,
      There are yoga retreats, acroyoga, Thai cooking classes, Thai language classes and Thai massage courses all here in Chiang Mai. There are also hundreds of places for accommodation here. I’d need to know your price range before recommending anywhere. You might just want to book a place for a night or 2 and then when you get here look around to what looks good to you, that’s what I’d do, especially if you’re staying for 3 months. Good luck!

  2. Hey,
    I just stumbled upon your blog, I really like it. I’d like to do something similar, I live in Chiang Mai, i’ve been inspired. Do you live in Chiang Mai?

  3. I sure will, I usually follow my heart till my head just cannot take it anymore. I thought you may live in CM, even though North Thailand:Land of Infinite Possibilities could be anywhere round here, it is a truly wonderful place. I also used to live in Colombia for a while, although not Baranquilla, but looks like we’re picking all the best places! I have no experience blogging, so until I get confidence to create my own, I shall continue avidly following yours. Peace.

  4. Hi there just stumbled on your blog somehow and enjoyed looking at your photos. I am also from Portland and have been living in Thailand for about a year now. Some amazing stories and adventures you have, love your positive outlook on life! Just wanted to stop and say hi and keep up the good work! Cheers!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, funny that we’re coming from Portland to Thailand and have the same name. I do love it here. Thanks for visiting and the comment. I’ll take a look at your blog. E

  5. I see the pisces iIknew at KU is still out there in the world, living life large. You go girl. Kind heart and always carrying is how I always remember you. Had a dream I was at your house in Chicago for New Years. Sounds familiar? So, I surfed the net to find out how you made out. Very pleased. I see you still have the eye for art, any paintings? Your photos are great. Take care.

    • Hey Patrick! I was just thinking about you for some reason last week. I looked to see if I could find you, but as you can imagine there are many Patrick Kelly’s. How are you? Great to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out 🙂

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