Boxing Day

Boxing Day

It feels like the shift that soon will be my new life is happening. I am deciding on a house to live in today and have put a deposit on a car. With home and transportation it’s like I actually live here. I think it’s a home Ban Wang Tan with rice field view, and little garden, and a 1993 dark green Honda Civic.That’s how things roll these days.

Today was busy. I woke up early naturally as the light streamed in my room and Skyped with my family because it was still Christmas there. It was so nice to laugh with my sisters, Dory and Wendy.

I got my first haircut by someone besides myself in what must be at least 5 years. It was time. Mai cut it. I think it’s too short, as 2 centimeters tends to become 3 inches in the haircutting world. Chances are no one will even notice I got it cut. With the blow dry flip style I feel like I’m wearing a wig. It’s not a bad cut though and mai pen rai, hair grows. I love Mai, who said, “Thailand is no country for old men” love that! I hope it’s true. Mai is my boss’s wife. He is not an old man, but apparently Mai had plenty of proposals from older men back when she was single.

As I was talking with my boss outside Mai’s shop, I met a Mexican yoga teacher who just got back into town. I love Chiang Mai. I went back to my room to get my Nancy Chandler map, which is really an invaluable (don’t get me started on how confusing I think this word is) tool here in the city. It looks like vintage 1974, because it is, (though updated regularly), but it has all sorts of useful information right on the map, and only kick myself for not getting one sooner. I wanted to find a place to workout and a vegetarian place for lunch. I thought I’d try a vegan/raw food place. Unlike the rapid food service that comes with a smile in most places in Thailand, after 40 minutes in this tiny restaurant that only had 2 other customers I was told, “I haven’t even started yours get.” Really? You’re not doing the vegan/raw community any favors sir. I left hungry and slightly annoyed to meet with my realtor. Thankfully, there are fresh fruit juice stands everywhere, and I had a delicious passionfruit juice for 20 baht.

I went with my realtor to sign the contract and the put a deposit on the house. On the way, we looked at another house in a community where all the houses look the same, no view, no garden, no stove, and very hotel like house a bit closer to my school. No. I will move to my house with rice field view. It’s a small house 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, with some logical design. The kitchen, bathroom, and storage space all have practicality involved…and there is a garden with a fish pond, fruit trees, and a rice field view. Here it is:

fish pond at what will be my Thai house as of January 5

It is not letting me insert some photos. I will try inserting a gallery. Click on the images to make them larger.

the awesome western kitchen

The recently harvested rice fields, they will be planted again soon and look very pretty and green

I also wanted to move here because the landlady, Khun Watana, was delightful. She is Thai, but spends most of her time in LA and Costa Rica. Our conversation was in a tiny bit of Thai, a little Spanish, and mostly English. In the typical hospitable Thai fashion, she gave some food. Not only that but, being a natural medicine practitioner, she also gave me some Ayurvedic drops for my nose, which was stuffy, and a 5 minute session of the Gua sha ‘massage’ to remove toxins. My biggest fear of living in that house is driving, especially on Hang Dong Road. I know I will get used to it, but I think it will take a little bit of time. My realtor drove me back to Chiang Mai on some backs roads, which I was glad to know existed.

I got out of the car next to Grace Boutique, where I was staying, and noticed some beautiful art at this cute little art cafe place called Matoom Art Space. I met the wife of the artist, who was an amazing woman from Japan named Yoko, and her a cute baby. I fell in love with a few paintings with two people together happily and trees, lots of water symbolized, Buddhism and meditation too. The artist must be a Pisces. I explained that I would like to draw a partner into my life, and feel I should put art on the wall that represents the life I would like to create. I was thrilled to meet Tua, the artist. I found out he and Yoko are both Pisces. I knew they were kindred spirits and I wasn’t even surprised. Chiang Mai is a city full of Pisces. I loved them and their place and would like to spend time with Tua and Yoko again. I will. His art will grace the walls of my new house. I will make it a nice little place and draw in the person who should be there with me. I need to pursue my art, whether it be visual art or writing. Maybe I’ll also do my own art for the walls.

I love this city and am so glad I actually will have a place to call home here. I’m enjoying this Jazz music that is playing on the stereo here (“…we can fill the need with love in town…” – is that what I’m hearing now?) at Baby Dolls. Sometimes I need reminders of why I am here. I had so many of those magical moments today. Yes, despite occasional homesickness, the love affair with Thailand continues.

I had a dream about Yoyi, my Colombian ex-boyfriend, last night. I remember something about the warmth of his skin, and the grip of his hand. Because of this dream, little things have made me think of him throughout the day. The more I kept thinking about it, I think it was really just the hand letting go. I need another hand to feel as comfortable in my hand as his did, but I also need to feel comfortable with that person in heart and mind. I think I will have a boyfriend that lives in Chiang Mai city.

I just noticed the J&B bottle on the bar wall and thought of my mom. I have never ordered a J&B on the rocks with a twist, her favorite drink (as well as her initials) since she has passed. I drank one with her once, and hated it. My tastes may have changed a bit since then, so maybe I’ll try it again someday. I miss my mom, of course. As I’m thinking this, someone has started smoking near me. Cigarettes are horrible things and my tolerance for smoking has become less and less. Time to go.

2012 I hope you are the year of artistic resurgence, writing, creativity, learning Thai language, and a divine partnership.