Projects and Beliefs

Projects and Beliefs

One of the reasons I like working at my school as much as I do is because students get to do work where they can design, create, and express themselves.

Starting in June students suggested long-term projects they’d like to work on. For practicality sake (we weren’t going to be able to hatch dinosaur eggs like one student had hoped), we arrived at seven projects: building a house, making clothes, building a boat, making cars, writing a magazine, painting a mural, and building a bridge. What these projects would look like was anyone’s guess. The results were even better than I’d imagined.

WIth guidance from teachers, and a lot of hard work by students, here is a sampling of the final products:

Skirts and dresses sewn by hand

balloon powered cars

A bamboo bridge

The view from across the bridge

part of the mural

happy house – a new play structure

And the hit of the day was the boat. It was made out of recycled plastic bottles, and as you can see, it floats!

The gondoliers got a workout that day

After the students had their turn, some teachers were ready to go for a boat ride.

All these projects took a lot of effort and perseverance (wiriya), but in the end, it was all worth it.

In my own class we have been searching inside ourselves to discover our own beliefs. Prompted by ‘This I Believe’ essays, I had the students write their own. They ended up the school’s blog. Here’s my students believe:

Well-rounded, fun, mindful education – the way it should be, gives me hope for the future.


4 thoughts on “Projects and Beliefs

  1. Al of the projects are beautiful! Everyone looks happy. What is the ‘happy house?’
    I am writing your from my local MAC store where I am waitingto get my Skype fixed!!!

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