108 Reasons I Love Thailand

108 Reasons I Love Thailand

In one way or another, I think all these topics have been covered on this blog, and if they haven’t been, they will be soon. Here is a list that took me about 30 minutes to put together. It’s not really in any particular order, it’s just more what immediately came to mind.

108 Reasons I Love Thailand

  1. the people
  2. friendliness
  3. food
  4. geckos
  5. freedom and acceptance
  6. som dtam
  7. local markets
  8. wats
  9. elephants
  10. yoga
  11. smiling people
  12. birds
  13. tuk tuks
  14. impossible loads on motorbikes
  15. beaches
  16. limestone karsts
  17. Thai massage for about $5 an hour available everywhere
  18. how inexpensive everything is
  19. beautiful traditional thai clothing
  20. silk
  21. rice fields
  22. amazing fruit
  23. jasmine flower garlands
  24. freedom of children
  25. respect for teachers
  26. butterflies
  27. politeness
  28. tinkling temple bells
  29. Buddhism
  30. older women dressed in beautiful sarongs
  31. beautiful pottery
  32. safety
  33. generosity
  34. orchids
  35. water buffalo
  36. Thai people following traditions
  37. a like-minded farang community
  38. art infused in everything
  39. cycling in the Thai countryside
  40. independent dogs
  41. fireflies
  42. thunderstorms
  43. Thai culture
  44. herbal wisdom
  45. monks in orange robes everywhere
  46. pad pahk boon
  47. khao niow 
  48. chirping of geckos
  49. wooden Lanna style houses
  50. spirit houses
  51. wrapped trees
  52. vegetarian food
  53. prik nam pla
  54. pahk canna
  55. meditation
  56. fish ponds
  57. gold leaf
  58. wai greeting
  59. sustainability
  60. delicious eggs
  61. Panyaden
  62. Thai language has no verb conjugations
  63. sound of the tokay gecko
  64. smell of jasmine
  65. scent of plumeria
  66. candles
  67. incense
  68. Songkran
  69. Loi Krathong
  70. komloy
  71. gentleness of spirit
  72. turquoise waters
  73. longtail boats
  74. coconut
  75. kanom
  76. non-aggression
  77. hot to warm all year
  78. Buddha images everywhere
  79. green rice fields with blue mountain silhouettes
  80. English books available nearly everywhere
  81. banana leaf wrapped local street food
  82. motorbikes with side cars
  83. smoky scented air
  84. bia Chang
  85. good coffee
  86. ease of life
  87. hilarious badly translated English signs
  88. tree roots taking over old buildings
  89. chickens running everywhere
  90. ancient architecture
  91. humility
  92. tropical fruit smoothies for 20 baht
  93. old people out and about
  94. babies, children, always with families
  95. beautiful swirly Thai letters and numbers
  96. the sound of monks chanting in the distance
  97. golden wats juxtaposed with the green hillside
  98. laughing and smiling comes easily
  99. foot massage
  100. songs of frogs and crickets
  101. Chiang Mai
  102. sidecars
  103. dok rak flowers
  104. gardenias
  105. fan palms
  106. swimming in waterfalls, lakes, and tiny waves
  107. colors
  108. patience

This list is certainly not extensive, and I’m sure there are at least 108 more reasons I love Thailand.

Why 108 you ask? It is a sacred number in Buddhism. There are 108 prayer beads on a mala. 108 is also the number of defilements to overcome before achieving enlightenment.


12 thoughts on “108 Reasons I Love Thailand

  1. Hi, friend! This is Bryan Breckenridge in San Francisco. My fiance and I want to honeymoon in Thailand December 21 ish to January 2 ish.

    1.) What is the must see town in northern Thailand that we can reach via train via Bangkok? We want to spend the first few days of our adventure exploring the hilly regions.

    2.) What is the swanky hidden peaceful beach paradise town/island we can check into and plop ourselves down at for the last week-10 days of our trip in southern Thailand?

    I’m so glad you are where you are and that I found your blog today!

    • Hey Bryan, I can’t think of a better place to go on your honeymoon than Thailand. Not that you want to spend your honeymoon with me, but I will be visiting the US during that exact time, so I wouldn’t even be able to meet for a cup of coffee. Northern Thai town, well, I’m very biased, but I think Chiang Mai is fantastic and I live here. It’s a city. Chiang Dao is a small town nearby that is featured with love on this blog. Pai will be very crowded then, and it’s changed so much that I don’t love it like I used to. Southern beaches, hmm, swanky and hidden don’t really go together, so I’ll have to get back to you. Have a lovely honeymoon.

  2. Great list! Brings back memories of Chiang Mai! I teach English in Madrid, and I know my list wouldn’t be that long. Makes me wanna move locations!

  3. Hi,

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    • Hi Ron,

      I could definitely write about a woman’s perspective living in Thailand.

      I’m not sure what this means “If you will please offer this to your readers we pay 50% and conversions are quite good.”

      Let me know.

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