I Made the Chiang Mai News!

I Made the Chiang Mai News!

OK, well sort of. My picture was in Chiang Mai Citylife magazine in an article about the benefits of laughing yoga. I attend many different kinds of yoga classes here, and occasionally I will go to laughter yoga class at Yoga Tree.

Here’s the picture and articlehttp://www.chiangmainews.com/ecmn/viewfa.php?id=3503

Yoga and laughing – two of my favorite things combined into one. Another reason I love Chiang Mai.

What is laughing yoga? It was started in India not that long ago, only in 1995, by a doctor interested in the health benefits of laughter. The laughter clubs caught on, and have been spreading across the world rapidly.

In the class, at first the laughter might be artificial, but your body doesn’t know the difference, you still receive the benefits. Soon, people start genuinely cracking up. Some of our exercises included being a chuckling clam, laughing lion, and a cackling kangaroo. My favorite though was when we all stood in a circle and shared something that irritates us and then we all laughed at our silly problems. Next, we shared something that scared us and we all guffawed at our fears. What a fantastic release!

Thanks Chiang Mai Citylife for writing the article. Special appreciations to  Shelley and Fla, who facilitate the class and make it very easy to laugh. I plan to giggle with you again soon.


5 thoughts on “I Made the Chiang Mai News!

    • Thanks for commenting Jean. Yes, laughing at our troubles together was funny for sure. Commercial? What commercial? I wonder what you see when you look. I don’t see any commercial at the end. It might have a different link in the US. Sorry about that.

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