Voices from Home

Voices from Home

My Dad called me when my Aunt Denise was visiting him. She was my Mom’s best friend while she was growing up. Hearing her voice and her, “Bethy, I’ve been reading your blahg, you should be a writer. It sounds like you’re having a fabulous time. Is there a hospital nearby if you get sick? What happened with your dog?” etc.

Not only these kinds of questions and comments, but the cadence in her voice reminded me of my Mom. Thanks Denise. It comforted me to hear your voice. It made me feel loved and cared about. I needed that more than you probably know. It was like hearing a little bit of Mom.

I didn’t know it was Mother’s Day in the US when I was here in Thailand 12 years ago, so I forgot to send my Mom a card or say Happy Mother’s Day, which upset her. I’ll tell her now. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, and all moms everywhere.

Here are some orchids for you:

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