Green Snake Catches Unsuspecting Frog

Green Snake Catches Unsuspecting Frog

My sister Wendy was visiting me and we took a brief trip to Chiang Dao. The heat in April in Northern Thailand is rather intense, so we were hanging out at the pool. I was talking to Wendy noticed that behind her a snake appeared. It had its head raised and was right next to the pool. Wendy was not particularly afraid of the snake I was pleased to know, but  we both thought it we should give it some room…and get our cameras.

It slithered away from the pool…

…then over the pots…

…then finally to a tree. Wendy and I watched it creep up the tree. We didn’t really know what it was after, then it struck something. Watch.

This gave both of us a bit of a fright, and then we cautiously approached to see what it had caught. At first I thought it would be a gecko, but upon looking at the legs, it was definitely a frog.

It you want to see the capture in better detail, watch the video between 5 – 6 seconds pausing often or making it go in slow motion or ‘frame by frame’ (which doesn’t really apply to the digital world). You can see the whole frog attempted escape and capture. It’s predator and prey action at its best. Very exciting, though sad for the frog.

green snake with its frog prey

starting to feed

poor froggie for dinner

Ah the food chain. Catching small live animals and swallowing them whole,  it’s just what snakes do for survival. Sorry frog.


3 thoughts on “Green Snake Catches Unsuspecting Frog

  1. Hi Elizabeth! My husband, Jim , and I enjoyed meeting you and Wendy in Loy La Long. Just visited your blog and would love to be a follower. How do I do that. Love learning from your experiences in Thailand in hopes that one day we will return to enjoy this fantastic country at a deeper level. Happy trails! Vicki

    • Hi Vicki, I looked into this and added a widget for following my blog. Just scroll down to the bottom where you should find “follow blog via email” with a spot for your email address. Word Press should then send you an email each time I update this blog. Thank you for wanting to follow, and also thank you for making realize I should make it easier for people to follow. Cheers! E

  2. Hi Vicki, Thanks for the interest. That is a good question. I don’t know, and I should probably find out and make it easy to do. I used to have a blog on blogger becoming a follower is on the front page. For this blog, when I looked at it on Safari web browser there was a little button in the lower right hand corner that says + follow, but on Chrome I don’t see that. Hmm, I will look into it and hopefully figure out a way to make it easy for people to do.

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