Little Bird Building Little Nest

Little Bird Building Little Nest

My rice field view is a bird watchers delight. I wish I had some binoculars, a Birds of Northern Thailand book, and someone with ornithological knowledge to tell me some information on these mini winged creatures. Nonetheless, I enjoy observing my feathered friends while I drink my morning coffee.

According to my friend Carol, this is the Baya Weaver Bird in the rice field

One morning in late March, I watched a bird gathering bits of plants to make a nest. Often, when I get my camera, they fly away, but this birdie had a job to do and persevered despite my filming. OK, I also wish I had a better camera.

The airplane take off in the background added a bonus dramatic soundtrack 🙂

There is a countless number of birds that live is this tree. It’s truly an avian dormitory.

One of these was the Baya Weaver nest it was making

…and another one.

My rice field bird watching mornings always make me smile.


2 thoughts on “Little Bird Building Little Nest

  1. Beautiful! Your blog is igniting in me a passionate desire to travel, especially to Thailand!

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