The Genius of Kung Fu Chef

The Genius of Kung Fu Chef

What does kung fu, wise thinking, and soup have in common? Kung Fu Chef and his weekly presentation of the 12 wise habits.

The 12 Wise Habits

For the past 12 weeks, the students have shouted for “Kung Fu Chef!” each Monday morning to teach them a new wise habit coupled with a kung fu move. The students eagerly participated in trying out the new move while learning the meaning of the wise habit in a kid friendly way. It is amazing to see what a little creativity and kinesthetic learning can do: 4 year olds were saying words like Mattannuta and were able to explain that it meant knowing the right amount.

Throughout each week the children and teachers were on the lookout for these wise habits in themselves and others so they could leave notes in Kung Fu Chef’s box.

The following week the notes were read and the children were recognized for how they used a particular wise habit. They were then called on stage to put a scrumptious new ingredient in the soup pot.

Ku Fu Chef mixing his ingredients in the pot, while making children laugh.

After all 12 weeks of the wise habits being learned and practiced, a delicious soup was made from all the ingredients added to the pot. Children roared with laughter as Kung Fu Chef was unveiled as Kru Ota. This creative presentation made it digestible (pardon the pun) for students to understand some Buddhist principles that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Kung Fu Chef aka Kru Ota

A big thank you to those creative geniuses who came up with this idea: Kru Yuzu, Kru Noy, and of  course Kru Ota. The students not only learned some good ways to live, they also thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the process.


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