I Live Here

I Live Here

The other day, my friend Jean asked me for pictures of where I live. I realize I wrote that I planned on moving in, but have not posted pictures since I moved in my house. Here is where I live:

505 Easy Peacy – written by my Thai landlady

I live about 10 minutes outside the city, 15 minutes from the old city of Chiang Mai to the south near Hang Dong.

Nice kitchen

dining area

Guest room that has a brand new mattress and closet. Garden and rice field view. Come visit!!

Guest bathroom with tile floors that have a separating wall so the shower water doesn’t get all over the whole bathroom floor.

yoga/meditation room with view of rice field

Master bathroom with tile floors that have a separating wall so the shower water doesn’t get all over the whole bathroom floor – mentioned again as this is unusual in Thailand.

I didn’t like the stark white walls everywhere, so this was a temporary fix…

…but painting the wall and decorating made it better.

My favorite room in the house is the master bedroom, its purple decorative walls and rice field view…

…decorating to make it feel like my home

The fish pond in the front yard.

Entertaining Thai style in the front garden amongst the thai herbs, fan palm, plumeria, banana and mango trees.

Undoubtedly my favorite part of my house is the rice field view. Here are a few of the many pictures I’ve taken, as it’s a constantly changing landscape:

day after moving in view, Jan 7 before the rice was planted

Jan 29 sunset from my back porch

Egret in January

back when the rice was short I enjoyed watching the birds fishing Feb 5

Early February view from back porch

February 15 sunset view

The eventual greening of the rice and bird life make it a great place to sit and watch nature.

Everyday I wake up and feel fortunate that I live in this beautiful place. More gratitude to Thailand and its beauty.


11 thoughts on “I Live Here

  1. So beautiful! I really enjoyed chiang Mai when I was there… It was the one place in Thailand,( besides near the sea, which always is first choice for me) that I would have considered living! So glad you are having a great experience… xx- Kathleen

  2. I actually think your home is prettier in person. It feels really big and has high ceilings and a nice flow to the layout. I cannot believe how nice it is!

  3. Eli, what a nice expirience!!!!!!!, i love you my fish, hey im a mommy again and guess he is a piscis too…….all the best my friend

  4. Your home looks uncluttered, peaceful and I love the bathrooms. The whole water everywhere thing is really tedious. Your decorating has made the house look very special Elizabeth. I am glad you found a lovely place to live and everything has worked out well for you. You look and sound very happy. Well done! Kindest regards Dianne (Chiangkhong Thailand)

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