Random Funny Things

Random Funny Things

In Thailand there are a bunch of funny things that I get glimpses of on a regular basis. Here are a few:

I'm hungry. Let's get some Hot-Ginger Water with Bean Orad. Mmm delicious!

Not monster trucks, but a monster VW Bug on a tiny soi in the Old City

As long as you've got a 'monster', might as well balance it with a mini.

Karl Marx? Mark Twain? How about Marx Twain - cleverly quipped communism.

One of the many dogs I've seen balanced on a motorcycle.

Not politically correct plus-size, here it's Fatty Shop - somehow I just don't think this would work in the US.

Near a Thai high school this sign was carefully covered in graffiti...

...and this one needed some editing.

Escaping from the bamboo jungle in my Evel Knievel motorbike helmet

Making sure these dogs have a proper pillow and blanket to cover them and their fur in 90 degrees Fahrenheit (33 C).

Thailand, thank you again for making me laugh and smile. I love this country!


One thought on “Random Funny Things

  1. Love, love, love it! I have yet to see the doggies in the blankets… Ha!!! That one just kills me. Evel Knievel is a close second!

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