Buddhist Kindness and Thai Superstition

Buddhist Kindness and Thai Superstition

A Thai colleague of mine noticed that I was wearing a Buddha necklace one day and asked if I was Buddhist. Our school follows a Buddhist approach, and I try to follow life with a Buddhist approach.

A few days later he stopped me on my way into school and showed me a Buddha amulet. “Suay” (beautiful) I said.

Then he said, “For you,” and gave it to me. I was touched.

With his limited English and my nit noy Thai he explained to me (and my bilingual Thai colleagues who translated when I didn’t understand) that it was a Buddha from the King. Inside the pendant there are 9 hairs from the King as a relic.

“Why 9?” I asked.

“Nine is the lucky number for Thailand,” my colleague Goy explained.

“Why is it lucky?” I wondered aloud.

“Nine is pronounced gao, which sounds similar to what means a step forward.”

I am now stepping forward auspiciously with my new 9 King haired Buddha amulet. Khap khun kha Kru Tee. I feel blessed, quite literally.


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