Acroyoga at the Park

Acroyoga at the Park

Suan Buak Hat is the only park in Chiang Mai Old CIty. If you head there on a Sunday afternoon, you might find a gathering of acroyogis basing and flying. It was set up by Wild Rose as an acroyoga play group, no teacher, just fun. Most of those who join are expats, travelers, people here studying Thai massage, and every once in a while a Thai yogi.

I decided to go play in the park after already doing a 3-hour Anusara Inspired class. Upon arriving I ran into Alok and Anjuli, the couple who had spent a week living with me at my house. Alok is a yoga teacher in the Bay Area and so he was an excellent base and luckily Anjuli snapped some photos for me. Time to fly!

Alok, as the base, guided me on what to do.

It takes strength, flexibility, balance, and trust.

Smiling and waving to Anjuli. This is fun!

I love flying!

Anjuli hooping

Alok handstanding

Looking for balance while upside down with my new base. Not quite there yet.

Being upside down is exhilarating!

Just hanging and being stretched feels so good!

This reminds me of a game we played as kids called, 'light as a feather, stiff as a board'

I am being spun around by my strong and coordinated base.

Thank you for such a fun afternoon acroyogis! I will join you again!


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