A Snake Eating a Huge Gecko…

A Snake Eating a Huge Gecko…

…is what I thought I saw.

According to Thai legend, as explained by my teaching partner Goy, this was not the case.

What actually happens is the gecko has eaten too much. The snake comes along and eats the insects out of the gecko’s stomach. It is a golden tree snake and a tokay gecko. So apparently the snake does not usually kill the gecko, but rather just makes it regurgitate its food.

Is it true? Oddly, I think it is.

Did I see this in the countryside? No, I did not. This was right outside Wild Rose Yoga Studio in the Old City of Chiang Mai. Just goes to show that nature and all her mysteries are alive and well, even in the city.


2 thoughts on “A Snake Eating a Huge Gecko…

  1. Hello from koh phangan…

    Just stumbled upon your post through a google search as i have also been told that they do not actually kill the tokay and was interested to see what i could find out.

    Amazing photo by the way…….. I have been hand feeding one with chicken,bacon mainly for 3 years now,and only this morning a green tree snake came to where they nest.

    I however was a little bit concerned for my tokay friend of 3 years plus a growing family šŸ™‚ and jumped up to move the snake away. One of the staff here told me as he has done before that it is eating the “vocal cord” of the Tokay …He then goes on to say that the vocal cord apparently grows back.

    As said really nice photo,hoping that it is as they say,otherwise i may have 1 less mouth to feed šŸ™‚ Kind regards Jason

    • Wow, eating the vocal cord? And they grow back? Crazy! Who knows it could be true. Thanks for the comment and let me know if you hear any other stories about this. Thanks.

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