Words: Khao Jai

Words: Khao Jai

After just listening to this:  http://www.radiolab.org/2010/aug/09/  it made me start thinking of so many things. One, I love linguistics. Two, it seems that no only can we not separate language from culture, but this show expanded on that to say that we cannot separate language from thought. Certainly an interesting concept to say the least.

It seems that even if you learn a little bit of a language you can get a better glimpse into the culture.

Jai – heart is in so many words in Thai. I love that. To understand is khao jai – to know with your heart.

Although many things have been in my heart and mind for such a long time, I feel like the Bethy that we once knew and loved can now step forward without fear. It’s clear to me that I am here for some reason. Thailand is still my favorite country. The more language I learn confirms that.


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