La Infinita Amor

La Infinita Amor

Despite my tiredness, I went to yoga this morning: Vinyasa with Joseph at Wild Rose.

We meditated at first, which was just what I needed. Yoga was challenging for certain. We ended with a long period of meditation. Just as clearly as the abdominal chi release had brought about la infinita tristeza, this meditation brought about la infinita amor – infinite love, which also exists in the universe.

I do yoga and try to meditate often, but it’s difficult. Yoga I enjoy and it usually makes me feel good during and afterwards, but meditation is often still a struggle and the rewards aren’t as immediate or obvious.

In the ending meditation I had a visualization shaped like a Bodhi leaf – a symbol of the Buddha’s enlightenment – and I felt love and acceptance. Birth and rebirth. Everything was glowing. Everything is as it should be.

I try to not get attached to these moments because just like everything else they are temporary. Regardless, I feel like all this Buddhist meditation stuff might actually be working. Subtle shifts in consciousness are happening.


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