Acroyoga – Flying in Chiang Mai

Acroyoga – Flying in Chiang Mai

One of the many things I love about Chiang Mai is the amount of yoga there is. Excellent yoga teachers from all over the world often stop here on their route around the globe. Over the weekend I attended an AcroYoga workshop. AcroYoga is a cross between acrobatics and yoga. The person on the ground is the base, there is usually a person spotting, and the person in the air is the flyer. As is probably evident from these pictures,   flying is my favorite.

Preparing to fly...

The first day of the workshop was acrobatic style flying. Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures from this day as everyone in the room was either a base, spotter, or flyer. Since AcroYoga tends to draw some attention, these pictures were taken by a random person looking in.

I'm flying! Leigh as base, Colin as spotter

I love being upside down

It takes balance, and coordination with the base, and trust.

...and the way back down

The next day was more the therapeutic style of AcroYoga

Preparing to base for Nina with Babs as the spotter

stretching Nina

...and stretching some more

Therapeutic AcroYoga is quite similar to Thai massage, but all of your weight is suspended. It feels so good.

Then, during break it was time for playing in the pool.

Boris preparing me for flight...

...getting there...


Sometimes coming down is graceful...

...and sometimes it isn't

Mostly, AcroYoga is tons of fun.


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