Taking in the View

Taking in the View

I’m home from school and sick right now. Although I feel miserable physically, I’m rather content to take in the view from my back porch. It was very cool this morning (14C or 57F) and there was a misty fog that gave the rice fields an ethereal quality. I marveled at the white egret ‘fishing’ in the watery rice paddies. The smell of smoke from the slash and burn agriculture in the air is somehow soothing to the soul, though maybe not so good for air quality. Birdsong, crickets, wind blowing through the bamboo and banana trees, an occasional barking dog and plane flying in the distance fill my ears. I have lived in my house for a week and a half. I’m quite pleased to have a peaceful morning with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no need to rush. Even though my head hurts, it feels wonderful to be in the present moment. It’s odd how crappy I feel physically and peaceful I feel internally. Again, I’m so glad to be in Thailand.

Morning view from my back porch. Newly planted rice field, January 17, 2012

Evening view.


One thought on “Taking in the View

  1. Give it your best shot to make use of the tranquility you may never ever find anywhere else in the world. I’m so glad you’re happy. Miss you

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