Spiritual Solitude in Songkhla

Spiritual Solitude in Songkhla

Songkhla was a place I wanted to visit, and after having been in Hat Yai, I’d stay almost anywhere else. I had thought about teaching in Songkhla before I got to Thailand. You know what? Songkhla is not a bad little town.

looking down from my room

Naga tail

Naga head?

It oddly reminds me of Puerto Colombia in a Southern Thailand Muslim kind of way. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. There is a beach there, but unlike the islands nearby, the beach is not beautiful. It was nice for a long beach walk though.

Beach in Songkhla

I splurged and stayed at the nicest place in town, the BP Samila. I am very glad I did. I was on the top floor overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and all I could hear was the soothing sound of the waves rushing in. The bathroom had a bathtub, so I took my first bubble bath in Thailand.

I read, wrote, and because of what I was reading, thought a lot about the mother/daughter relationship. It’s a very special bond. I thought about my mom and how much I still miss her. I guess I always will.


That night I dreamt about some of my best girlfriends Cara and Megan. They were there with me because a boyfriend of mine had died. I ended up consoling a little boy who was sad because he had loved my boyfriend. I awoke from this dream to the sunrise, in a hotel, overlooking a large body of water. This same scenario was the basis of a painting I painted years ago, about an event in my life that actually happened.

sunrise in Songkhla

Upon looking at the sunrise, and watching its impermanence, it made me realize again how life is made up of ephemeral moments. What I said to comfort the little boy in my dream is the phrase that went through my mind, “I know you miss him, that’s why you have to love people the best you can while they’re here.”

Good advice from my dream self.


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