Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

There was a lunar eclipse that I saw on December 10th and I think it made a little shift in my perspective. I was with my friend Raheb in the Chiang Mai old city and a bunch of people were gathered around looking skyward. This eclipse felt like a time to leave the shadow behind and to be lighter.

In the lighter spirit, I feel the need to get back into shape. I went to YogaTree for 3 hours of yoga with Jonas Westring (who was my yoga teacher trainer in California in 2001) then acroyoga in the park December 11, walking all over Chiang Mai the 12th, and fitness club at school plus workout at crossfit today on the 13th. Besides crossfit, I’d like the rest of these to become regular parts of my life here.

I worked quite hard on trying to find Sombra a new home for the past 24 hours. At first, when the biting incident occurred, I was overwhelmed. Now I realize he either needs to find a home, or he will be in bad shape.

So, yes, I need to look into this lunar eclipse, because it feels like it helped turn over a new leaf. I just looked and something else makes quite a bit of sense, and maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t know. Mercury has been in retrograde since November 23rd, and is just going direct in a few hours on December 14th here. (Mercury represents communications and transportation. When it is in retrograde it appears to move backward in the sky. It’s when things slow down and communication difficulties can occur. When it goes direct, things start moving forward again.) I just read about this particular Mercury in retrograde period and my We’Moon says: “…discover meaningful connections previously overlooked.” Hmmm. OK

I’ve been feeling stuck here at my guesthouse, not finding a house, having a super slow internet connection, not having a car or good transportation, not always even having the easiest conversations, and generally feeling a bit sluggish. It makes sense. So, lunar eclipse into Mercury direct. It’s time for things to start moving in a positive direction.


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