Happy to Sit on the Piece of Furniture I Do Not Know the Name of

Happy to Sit on the Piece of Furniture I Do Not Know the Name of

What is this piece of furniture called?

Is it a day-bed? It could be, but that seems like kind of a dumb name for this thing. A chaise lounge? It’s really somewhere between a backless couch and a cushioned table. The ‘arm’ of it provides a back rest for my lake viewing pleasure.

It’s 6 pm, sunset, and I am looking out on the lake. Some birds are warbling sweetly right now, crickets are trilling, an occasional catfish jumps, and the little gecko twitters its own distinct sound. Apart form those sounds it’s very quiet here. Having an indoor living room with a view is fabulous especially since mosquitoes are fierce this time of day. It’s much better than my former room with an outdoor living room. I still have a balcony overlooking the lake here at Nugent Waterside.

Do I occasionally feel cut off from civilization here? Yes, I do. Do I dislike the fact that internet doesn’t work in my room? Absolutely. I’m hoping at the restaurant it will work tonight. I’m off to go see before it gets any darker and just hope the mosquitoes have finished feasting. I don’t like being on my computer in public spaces necessarily, but sometimes it must be done.

I’m ready for the new chapter in life to begin and at the same time I feel like doing nothing. I also kind of keep waiting for something to happen and it never does. Is this still the mono making me lethargic? I think it is, but it feels like more than that. Is it the isolation of being out here with just a bicycle? It’s that too. Is it that it’s December? Yes, that as well. I just have that feeling of wanting to move forward, but being held back. Things will change.


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