Cat Love

So sorry little bloggie blog

Ok, it’s true, I’ve been remiss on publishing here. I have done a lot since salsa dancing night. Actually, I have written quite a bit, but it just hasn’t been published. I hope that will change very soon. It’s the end of November and I still haven’t posted things that happened all the way back in September. I will catch up.

Now, for all of you, this blog will be in not only chronological order, which it already was (*except this little update added on 12 March 2012), but the dates published will directly correspond to the dates things happened. Since we move in a world that seems like if I haven’t posted every last detail of what happened during the day on that very day, I am slacking. Frankly, I don’t think that reflects reality, but whatever. If I’m in the blogosphere, I should listen to people who know more about this than me, right?  I appreciate the help and I’m sure it does make reading easier.

If you can forgive me, I will add to you now some things that happened then.

In the meantime enjoy this photo from September:

Showing the cat love inside a cafe in Chiang Mai


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