The Melancholy and Contentment of Late Autumn

The Melancholy and Contentment of Late Autumn

Well, I guess I must be a little homesick. I just watched a whole bunch of ‘Portlandia’ clips. The thing is, I know I can go back to Portland. I do really like it there, and always have, but I also adore Thailand.

Everyday I am thankful that I’m here. In looking around Panyaden today I still sometimes can’t believe I work there. It doesn’t feel like real teaching because it’s actually fun. It’s a joy having only 5 students and working with the lovely Goy. What a delight!

I just bought a bike (meaning something that has a chain, and 2 pedals to push, not a motorbike), and now currently reside at Nugent Waterside near my school. Though I enjoy the idea of living in rural Thailand, which is essentially where I am, I am glad to be in a guesthouse at the moment so I’m not completely alone.  I’m not too far from Chiang Mai, but I’m definitely living in the country for sure.

Since last week I have been headachy, and super tired. Our free weekly yoga class after work, was the antidote.

One day I'll be able to read this.

Riding home on the small rural roads as the sun was just starting to set, with the sky and clouds so stunningly colourful with light, I felt content. Gliding past the rice fields glowing green, taking in the scent of burning leaves, cruising  past a shimmering golden wat, passing through small villages with friendly people I had to smile and say, “Sawadee khaa” to all those who greeted me.

Oh yes, moments like these are the reasons I came to Thailand.

Rural road and elephant wat

local food stand

golden green rice field


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