Trying to Feel Like an Adult Human Being

Trying to Feel Like an Adult Human Being

I have been living out of a backpack a long time. Moving into a place where I’d be staying a while and hanging my clothes on hangers in an actual closet was a delight. Even if it’s just for a couple of weeks. While traveling, living out of a backpack is fine, but I’m no longer traveling. I’ve been working here for over a month. Shopping, especially at a mall, I usually find excruciating. I found an odd pleasure in buying a French press coffee maker, a towel, and drinking glasses. I think it’s because I’d like to settle in and call this place home for a while.

I now have a pay check, and a Thai bank account, next step is an address. I have spent quite a few weekend days looking at houses with several different realtors. For the record, foreigners can’t  own a house or land in Thailand, I will just be renting. I have seen a lot of ugly places with odd layouts that I didn’t take pictures of. Jim (who is a female), the cute independent realtor always shows me the pretty houses.

The main problem is many of Thai style houses don’t have a kitchen, or sometimes the kitchen is outside. Almost every bathroom I’ve seen has a shower with no curtain or barrier to the rest of the bathroom so the floors are always wet in the whole bathroom.

At first glance I fell in love with this house...

Having these guys as my welcoming committee didn't hurt...

I have never seen anything like this in any Thai house. Usually it's a shower that get the whole floor wet. I don't think I'd use it except for in December and January.

Nice and unusual plants

and not a bad view

interesting bedroom

I thought about this house a lot. The thing was, it was a little expensive and a one bedroom house. There were no kitchen cupboards, no closets, and really nowhere to put anything. Even though it was charming, it was too expensive and not practical.

This little house and big pond had potential...

nice kitchen nook

This house wasn’t very expensive and the price even got reduced. It was far from my school and pretty far from everything else too. Definitely not  cycling distance to work.

This beautiful house was even farther away, and too big for one person, but pretty nonetheless

the details were gorgeous

though this was about the extent of the furniture. I don't really like the bedroom either

This house would have been too big, and too isolating for me. It was so far away, I’d have hated the commute to work. If I were living there with a few people, it’d be one thing.

In the end, even though these were by far the best of what I saw, I still decided against all these houses. I’d like to find a house soon. I know I will.


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