A Funny Little Exchange

A Funny Little Exchange 18.11.11

At my guesthouse, Nugent Waterside, I had been at dinner with the English Language Teaching course students who were hanging around drinking and smoking. My computer doesn’t work in my room, and I had been on my computer in the restaurant area looking for what to do with Sombra and feeling rather depressed about the whole situation. The internet connection was pathetically slow, prospects of finding placement for my dog were looking grim, and the cigarette smoke was irritating, so I went back to my room and thought I’d at least try and write on my outdoor balcony.

Khun Aree the co-owner walked up and I heard her say, “Elizabeth?!”

I replied, “Yes?”

I heard her say, “Elizabeth, you lonely come back.”

I said, “No, that’s OK. I’m OK.”

Aree said, “Yes.”

Me, “No, I’m just about to go to go to bed”

I hear Aree say, “No, you lonely come back. Right here.”

I was thinking, how kind and also strange that this woman must perceive my sadness and want to make sure I’m not lonely. That is so sweet of her, but why is she being so insistent? Realizing that something must be getting lost in communication I reply, “What?”

Then I notice in the darkness, she is trying to show me something.

Aree, “Elizabeth, you laundry come back”

Me, “Oh! I’ll come get it.”

Aree “No, right here”

I then realize she has had my laundry in her hand the whole time and can hand it up to my on the balcony.

“Oh, khap khun khaa khun Aree. I thought you said something else.” I told her. She looked at me with a confused expression, and then laughed. I love Thailand, even in its miscommunications.


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