Massage in Kuala Lumpur

Massage in Kuala Lumpur

I have had so many massages in Thailand I have lost count. I get at least one a week because they are very inexpensive and almost always wonderful. In many places in Chiang Mai they cost a little less than $5 USD (150 THB) an hour with the current exchange rate. There are a few Thai massage therapists that I like and return to, but I always like to try new people because everyone does something different. It can be hit and miss, but most often it’s a hit.

I decided that after walking to and from the Thai embassy today that I’d get a 1/2 reflexology foot massage here in Kuala Lumpur. My feet were tired, and I figured a foot massage was a safer bet than any kind of body massage. I was talked to by several people on a busy and sketchy street that actually had a street sign warning about getting your purse robbed. I thought I’d get one on a quieter (slightly quieter, though still loud) not as busy street.

I saw one place offering 30 min foot reflexology for 25 RM (almost 250 THB or almost $10 USD for 1/2 hour). That was cheap for here. I decided I’d try. The place looked calm. There was a fountain and some Asian style wood carvings at the entrance.

I sat down and realized there was a flat screen TV across from me that was on: at first frowny men talking and shouting, then the obligatory strip club scene, next the gun violence, and finally, what a surprise – Steven Seagal appears! Violence, guns, blood, and screaming on the TV do not exactly make a relaxing massage experience.

The woman who was giving me the massage didn’t look at me, or at what she was doing. She was mainly looking around the room. I asked for stronger a few times, and finally she got it. She repeated the same strokes over and over rapidly. It didn’t feel very good. She got a few points, but mainly what gets covered in the first 2 minutes of a Thai massage. Recently, I’d had an amazing 1 hour foot reflexology massage in Pai, Thailand at the English Rose – this clearly was not that. I was relieved I only got 1/2 an hour here.

Then towards the end of the un-relaxing massage the woman burped a few times rather loudly, and for a substantial length – if you were to sing the alphabet burping she have gotten up to about f or g. I do not know enough about Malaysian culture to know what proper manners are around burping. She did not say anything resembling excuse me, cover her mouth, laugh or anything. I wonder what would have happened if she farted.

In the end it was not very good, but at least she kind of minimally got to a few points. The whole package was pretty crappy though. It didn’t really matter for only $10 and a half hour of time invested. This was only one massage in Malaysia, and I’m sure others could be amazing, but for now I’ll stick to massages in Thailand. It’s a good thing I’ll be back there in a few days after my visa is processed.

With my feet slightly refreshed, I am glad I got back to my guesthouse when I did, as a fierce rain and thunderstorm are happening outside my window right now.


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