Malaysia from Yummy Food to Ugly Dress

Malaysia from Yummy Food to Ugly Dress

Obviously I love Thailand a lot more than Malaysia, especially KL. Accommodation in Malaysia is much more expensive than in Thailand, but you can still get a nice amount of tasty food for little money. Knowing that I had to come here for my visa, the one thing I was really looking forward to and that was the delicious Malaysian food. Malaysia has many Indians and Chinese that make up the population. I have very little interest in Chinese food, but the Indian Malay food is really good.


Roti are something between a pancake and a chapati form of thin bread. They can either be sweet or savory. They might just be best plain. I got a plain one and they gave me some type of sauce to dip it in that I didn’t like.

I had a beautiful plate of rice and several different types of vegetarian Indian dishes: curries, green vegetables stir fired with onions and mustard seeds, bitter melon fried with some type of tomato sauce, okra and eggplant in some delicious sauce.

Muslim country

Malaysia is a Muslim country, though KL, being such a large city, has people from everywhere. (I enjoyed Kota Bharu Malaysia 11 years ago, and I remember it being very strictly Muslim – mosques, chanting, things shut down on Saturday, and women covered from head to toe.) Being completely covered must be quite hot. Today it was 36 C. At the airport I saw 3 girls wearing black and they were completely covered except for their eyes. To be honest, they looked kind of scary. I thought if they were my students, how would I get to tell them apart…while I was thinking this, one of those women put on glasses as if to answer my question.

Back to my delicious lunch/dinner – so much food it was 2 meals…for less than 3 USD

While I was there today at lunch, there were a few Indian girls loving this baby. The gorgeous girls were fawning over the baby – who wasn’t even very cute. They were so lovely in their saris with their scarves. Saris and sawar chemises are beautiful. I think the Muslim covering in Malaysia is, to my eyes, very unappealing. Indian women are covered nearly as much except their heads and they look beautiful. Traditional Thai and Lao skirts are long and beautiful too. Vietnamese women have a long shirt and pants – like a sawar chemise that also is beautiful. So what I’m saying is that it’s not the covering part, it’s the fabric. Most of the Muslim Malay coverings I see look like double knit polyester, it must be stifling inside. Then the colors are also completely drab, like mouse brown, beige, or a non-color.

Just observations, I don’t exactly understand.


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