A Little Island Called Ko Mak

A Little Island Called Ko Mak

It is a nice feeling to take a vacation knowing that you can simply relax. I had gotten the job I had been looking for, but it wouldn’t start until October 25. This gave me a few days to just chill out on a beautiful island.

It’s the low season, and based on all the rain from the past few days, I was a bit worried I’d be on an island in the rain. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Arrival in Ko Mak

Since I knew I had a job, I opted to stay somewhere nicer. The place I chose was Ao Kao, and it was fabulous. I stayed 4 nights and negotiated a discount, which wasn’t hard because of the season and the weather. Chain, the person in charge, showed me 3 beautiful bungalows and they were all so nice it was hard to choose, another reason to travel in the low season.

Lanna style bungalow with a beach view

Bird view from the beach

Hooray for the beach!

I have a job!

I love you Thailand

Now for a walk down the beach.

This was about as cloudy as it got

Ko Mak

Cool hammock

A little snorkeling before sunset

Band singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and about any Jack Johnson song you've ever heard

The next day I went with on a mountain bike ride around the island.

bike and view

Dominic, my fellow cyclist

The perfect fruit shake

Wat on Ko Mak

Vegetarian Pad Kee Mao - aroy maak! Look at those green peppercorns!

loveliness everywhere you look

Sunset back at Ao Kao

Here’s a little video giving you a 360 of the place:


After kayaking to the island you see, it was another stupendous sunset

Only nature sounds and sights below:

Another beautiful day on Ko Mak

View back to Ao Kao

I said goodbye and thank you to Chain, who is from Chiang Mai...

...and instead of Lanna style was headed back north to Lanna Land.

Yeen and I were at a swank party on 25th floor overlooking Bangkok at night

After ‘one night in Bangkok’ (for you 80s fans) for a Smirnoff party, co-hosted by my friend Yeen, in a swank club on the 25th floor, it was time to head back to Chiang Mai to look for a place to live and start working. Vacation is officially over now.


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