The Leisurely Pace of Chiang Khong

The Leisurely Pace of Chiang Khong

As I rode the rickety borrowed bike on the way back from my visa run for 10 minutes in Laos, in Chiang Khong the market was gearing up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hungry at all, but I did see some tempting looking food.

I arrived at my guesthouse just before dark and ended up meeting a really interesting couple and sharing a beer with them. Lisa is Swedish, Jerry is Czech, but they both live in Melbourne, and are traveling around SE Asia where Jerry is learning new painting techniques. The 3 of us ended up spending the next few days together and laughed quite often.

The guesthouse was nice enough to lend us their bikes as we were interested in cycling around town. There were exactly 3 bikes, all in rather shoddy shape. Jerry ended up taking the one with no brakes, but had a little duck squeaky toy for a horn, so he could let people know he was coming.

We ended up roaming around town, mainly by the river. Lisa and I discovered a yoga studio and went for a class. The next day Jerry joined us.

We parted ways with them heading for Laos, and me heading back to Chiang Mai. This cruising around has been fun, but I need to find a job…quickly or else I will be making another border crossing before I know it. I have to say though, I wouldn’t mind coming back to Chiang Khong one little bit, it’s not a bad place to relax for a few days.


2 thoughts on “The Leisurely Pace of Chiang Khong

  1. Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for sharing your photo’s with me you certainly took some lovely pics and I am glad you enjoyed Chiangkhong so much and I enjoyed your combined company and teaching class for all three of you. I was sorry you had to rush off so quickly I was looking forward to hearing more about your own yoga training and style of yoga. Did you manage to get work in ChiangMai? I was busy teaching right up to Christmas and New year and then had a little break before starting again. It has been cool up here, but hotting up again slowly. If you get back up this way please come and visit us again. Belated New Year wishes to you and thank you again.
    All my Hari Oms – Jignasu Mokshadharma Saraswati (Dianne Nobbs)

  2. Nice blog! I really want to go to Chiang Mai! I’m living in Madrid. So I think go over there with my girlfriend for relax and have a lot of fun there!

    Keep taking photos! Good Luck!

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