This little cutie is a term that I thought was reserved for the particular author of my guidebook…and then I kept seeing it.

The thing is, although I find this term somewhat irksome, there is the other part of me that finds it to be spot on.

Although I like to travel and always on a smaller budget, I’m not a youngster anymore and I do appreciate some creature comforts, like little things called cleanliness, and my own bedroom and bathroom. I’m not talking luxury hotel, but in Thailand for a few extra dollars, the step from backpacker to flashpacker (which still resides firmly lower than mid-range, and much lower than top end) feels like a major luxury.

For example, right now I am staying at a beautiful and inexpensive place. It is not the bottom of the barrel by any stretch of the imagination. This is Thailand the price of something not that great with shared bathroom, is as low as $3.50. You can often find a basic clean place with its own bathroom for as low as $5.00 -$6.00. But spend between $10 – $15 and you can get something truly extraordinary…hence the term flashpacker.

Maybe I am exactly the person they are writing about when they say flashpacker: someone who has been a backpacker, but now wants something just a tiny bit nicer. After spending a few nights in some not very great places for about $6.50 a night, moving into the $11 range made a huge difference. far as I’m concerned for a few dollars, it is sooooo worth it.

This is my room in the $11 range in Chiang Mai.

Nice closet, refrigerator, and multi-language TV.

This is the view from my balcony at my 'flashpacker' hotel in Chiang Mai

I’m sure at times I’ll stay in cheaper accommodation again, but it’s nice to know there are a lot of places out there that, for a few extra dollars make staying there worth every single baht.


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