The Plants That Close When You Touch Them

The Plants That Close When You Touch Them

I came back from Pai to Chiang Mai because I had an appointment to visit an international school where I was interested working. The morning I was supposed to go visit PTIS, Chiang Mai was flooding. It was late September and the Mae Ping River had flooded. School was closed. The school year there had started in late August and didn’t have any openings anyway, but the flooding postponed my job search as many schools in the area were closed.

Frustrated with my blurry photos, I bought a new camera. I was expecting this outing to be a lot of pointing, very little English, and to take a long time. To my pleasant surprise, the camera store guy spoke excellent English, gave me good advice, and really cracked me up. I just got a simple point and shoot camera, as I needed something small because I am still living out of a backpack. Since my old camera had the unintentional automatic soft focus, he said, “Keep your soft focus camera. You know people getting old don’t want their lines to show.”

old camera... camera

After the flooding had subsided a few days later, my friend Prem took me up to the school that used to be called Prem.

After refusing the 'fashion accessory' helmet. I ended up with this borrowed helmet. Below the flag it says 'United State' yes, only one.

When we came back to Chiang Mai, I wanted to give my new camera a try. Here are some photos in the serene grounds of Wat Chang Man.

It's really that green

Water on the leaf

The brilliant colors did not need to be enhanced

They were really that vibrant

Wat Chang Man

star fruit tree

One of my favorite plants that grow everywhere here are the mimosa (I’m not sure what they’re called in Thai) and somehow, I just can’t get enough of watching them close when I touch them. Not only is this my first video with my new camera, it’s my first video ever uploaded to youtube:

The Plants That Close When You Touch Them

Aren’t they fun? Don’t you want to touch them too? If you don’t have access to these fun little plants, you can always watch the video again.


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