Why Are You Going to Thailand? (Written before I left Portland)

Why Are You Going to Thailand? – Written before I left Portland

The short answer is, “Why not?” But that’s not really a sufficient answer, so I will break it down into two categories: ‘Going’ and ‘Thailand’.


Oh Portland, I’ve had an 8 1/2 year love affair with you, but I need to start seeing other people and places. Sure, on a beautiful day in August with my garden full of vegetables to harvest you are hard to beat, but what about your grey moods of so many other months? I’m tired of beards and ironic mustaches on hipsters wearing bad clothes. School was tough and No Child Left Behind is leaving so many with only learning to take high stakes tests. If you don’t know what this means, ask a teacher who works in a title 1 school. Last of all Binyon’s Eye World is now Visionworks. My name is no longer in lights. Portland is clearly a little bit over me too.

My dear Portland, I’m not saying we’re done for good, but I think we just need some time apart.

‘Why Thailand?’

I was there 2000 and 2001 and have been longing to return ever since. With Buddhism, beaches, delicious vegetarian food, nice people, easy to travel, safe, beautiful verdant hills in the north, how could I not love it? I just have that feeling of it is the right place for me. Asia has been calling me back to it. Too bad they don’t speak Spanish there 😉

What will I be doing there?

Well, I am leaping knowing that the net will appear.

I could…

…teach ESL, …teach elementary school, …write a book, articles, this blog, etc,. …work with Burmese refugees, …work at a spa teaching yoga or English, …work with elephants and the list goes on and on.  I have a lot of marketable skills, so I am confident I will find something. I think I’d like to teach English as a Second Language to University students as well as work on my writing and finding someone to publish it.

I am starting out with a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. Time to clear out the cobwebs and the obstacles.

OK Thailand, ready or not, here I come!


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